Quark Enterprise Solutions can help newspaper, magazine and journal publishers consistently publish accurate information, rich design, and engaging interactive content as quickly as readers demand it. High-quality communications open potential sources of new revenue while automation reduces overall publishing costs.

Professional Design Meets Automated, Cross-media Publishing

Quark Publishing Platform connects everyone in the publishing process through a single workflow system. Automating the conversion and delivery of content across multiple types of media, both print and digital, saves time, effort and money.

Solution highlights:

  • Cross-media Publishing
    Publishers who implement Quark Enterprise Solutions are able to cost-effectively develop design-rich content that can be automatically published to print, Web, and digital devices.
  • Digital Publishing
    Quark Enterprise Solutions enable publishers to efficiently distribute to any platform, media, or device through branded newsreader apps, custom e-reader apps and interactive content for the Amazon Kindle and online bookstores.
  • Workflow and Collaboration
    Connecting everyone in a single workflow system, Quark Publishing Platform facilitates improved communication and productivity for delivery of higher-quality output at a lower cost.
  • Partnership with Microsoft
    Quark Publishing Platform integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and provides out-of-the-box integration with the Drupal™ Web Content Management System.

To thrive in today's atmosphere of rapidly advancing technology, publishers must evolve and embrace a cross-media publishing strategy. Quark Enterprise Solutions offers publishers a system in which dispersed contributors are all part of a single workflow, content can be authored once and distributed to multiple channels and repetitive, labor-intensive tasks can be automated. This streamlined approach shortens the time as well as reduces the effort and expense required to deliver richly designed, interactive and accurate publications.