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It’s Time to Reinvent Your World of Content

Today’s businesses create an overwhelming amount of content, most of which is critical to the vitality of their organization. And while the way that people find and read content across multiple channels has changed beyond recognition, the traditional content process has essentially gone unchanged for decades.

The problem with the traditional content process is that it’s simply not optimized for today’s omni-channel world. For example:

Content is often locked to one media type because the author and designer commit content to design very early in the process.

Documents are typically disconnected, often leading to the same content being recreated and translated for multiple documents and mediums.

With traditional content creation tools, content is reused by authors and designers by copying and pasting content between documents and media, increasing the opportunity for errors and inconsistencies.

Reviews and approvals involve Word documents and PDFs being emailed back and forth, which is time-consuming, error-prone and expensive.

Updates to content must be done manually across multiple documents and media, requiring further rounds of review and approval.

Finally, content has traditionally been very document-centric, and doesn’t contain metadata, which makes the reuse of content to different audiences a manual and lengthy process.

When you take a closer look at the problem, it’s clear that businesses can no longer afford to let the outdated content processes of yesterday slow them down.

Introducing Content Automation

The only real answer to the challenge of creating, managing, publishing and delivering content to such a diverse array of media channels is Content Automation.

Content automation improves and streamlines content processes by:

  • Making the creation and consumption of content more efficient
  • Automating content publishing to multiple platforms
  • Simplifying content update tracking
  • Dynamically assembling and reusing Smart Content components
  • Enabling businesses to easily deliver personalized content to different audiences
  • Streamlining the process and timeline for translating content into other languages

The benefits of adopting a content automation solution are manifold—productivity goes up, time to market is reduced, your company can support more information products without adding resources, and you improve the quality of your published content for better customer engagement.

Content Automation Capabilities

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