Quark and IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) partner to combine the power of Quark Enterprise Solutions with IBM ECM platforms to help organizations:

  • Adopt smart content strategies that leverage industry standards, such as DITA, RIXML and XBRL
  • Empower knowledge workers across departments to create reusable information components that can be automatically assembled to quickly produce personalized communications for multi-channel output (print, Web, iPad/tablets and other digital media)
  • Integrate advance case management and analytics into publishing processes
  • Leverage content automation, content management, records management, and eDiscovery

Quark and Microsoft offer businesses across various industries the ability to accelerate the lifecycle of business-critical content, from development to delivery. Our integrated solutions automate single-source cross-media publishing to help organizations cut costs and time associated with creating, managing and delivering marketing and technical documentation while improving consistency.